Toronto – cartoon characters from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s arrive on TELETOON Retro this fall as shows including The Yogi Bear Show, Josie and The Pussycats, Transformers and Beetlejuice join the TELETOON Retro schedule.

The Yogi Bear Show
Mondays and Saturdays 11am and 8:30 pm
Following the success of their segment on The Huckleberry Hound Show, Yogi Bear and his loyal sidekick Boo Boo got their own spinoff. The Yogi Bear Show debuted in 1961, and follows Yogi on his many adventures in Jellystone Park. Yogi’s penchant for stealing picnic baskets sometimes gets him into trouble with the ever-present Ranger Smith, but being smarter than the average bear, Yogi always prevails.

The Quick Draw McGraw Show
Tuesdays 11 am and 8:30 pm
Quick witted he isn’t. But Quick Draw McGraw is an equine lawman with the best of intentions. Along with his far more competent partner, Mexican burro Baba Looey, Quick Draw protects the Old West the best way he knows how. Another classic Hanna Barbera offering, The Quick Draw McGraw Show first aired in 1959.

The Huckleberry Hound Show
Wednesdays 11 am and 8:30 pm
Huckleberry Hound is a canine with countless disguises and the uncanny ability get in and out of scrapes without breaking a sweat. Every day brings a new adventure for Huck and his pals Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, and two mice named Pixie and Dixie. The Huckleberry Hound Show, a Hanna Barbera animated series starring Daws Butler and Don Messick, premiered in 1958.

Top Cat
Thursdays 11 am and 8:30 pm
He’s no ordinary alley cat. Top Cat and his gang, including Benny, Choo-Choo, Brain and Fancy-Fancy are master schemers determined to get rich quick in the alleys of New York City. Trouble is never far behind this colony of con cats, and it usually takes the form of Officer Dribble, a cop determined to thwart their plans for alley domination. Top Cat, which first came on the scene in 1961, was originally conceived as a parody of 1955’s “The Phil Silvers Show”.

Captain Caveman
Fridays 11 am and 8:30 pm
Captain Caveman, prehistoric superhero, protects the town of Bedrock from Stone-Age villains. Little do the people of Bedrock know, Captain Caveman is really Chester, the Daily Granite newspaper’s copy boy. Starring Mel Blanc as Captain Caveman, the show also featured the live-action adventure-comedy Mystery Island.

Josie and the Pussycats
Sundays 11 am and 8:30 pm
Josie, Val and Melody are Josie and the Pussycats. The series, based on the Archie Comics strip of the same name, premiered in 1970. It follows the all-girl pop group as they play gigs all over the world, accompanied by their spineless manager Alexander Cabot III, his scheming sister Alexandra, and Josie’s hunky boyfriend Alan. Each stop on the tour spells disaster for the group, as bad guys lurk everywhere and it usually falls to Josie and company to save the day.

Saturdays 7 am and 6 pm
A battle rages between Autobots and Decepticons in this beloved 1984 animated series based on the Hasbro line of toys. The Transformers are alien robots from the planet Cybertron that hide in plain sight on Earth by morphing into everyday machines. The evil Decepticons, led by Megatron, seek to drain the Earth of all its resources, but Optimus Prime and his Autobots are determined to protect the Earth and its people at all costs.

G.I. Joe
Sundays 7 am and 6 pm
An elite group of American military personnel, code name G.I. Joe, is tasked with bringing down Cobra, a deadly terrorist organization. The 1985 series, also based on a line of Hasbro toys, follows Duke, Roadblock, Scarlett, and the rest of the G.I. Joes as they defend freedom and fend off the evil Cobra Commander.

Monday to Sunday 2 pm and 11:30 pm
Executive produced by David Geffen and Tim Burton, the 1989 animated series, loosely based on the movie of the same name sees 12-year-old loner Lydia Deetz meet an attention-starved ghost named Beetlejuice and escape her mundane life to experience bizarre yet hilarious, adventures with her new best friend.

TELETOON Retro has given a new home to animated favourites such as Bugs Bunny, The Smurfs and Scooby-Doo. Offering a nostalgic throwback to timeless cartoons, the channel delivers new laughs with familiar friends like Tom & Jerry, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Woody Woodpecker. TELETOON Retro is now available on Access Communications (Ch. 271), Bell TV (Ch. 599), Bluewater TV Cable & Ex-Cen Cablevision (Ch. 64), Cable Axion (Ch. 247), Cable Cable Inc. (Ch. 508), CityWest Cable (Ch. 84), Cogeco Cable (Ch. 87), Compton Cable (Ch. 90), Execulink Cablecom (Ch. 130), Fraser Canyon Television Association (Ch. 45), Kincardine Cable (Ch. 301), Mitchell Seaforth Cable TV (Ch. 545), Mountain Cablevision (Ch. 390), MTS Allstream Inc. (Ch. 235), SaskTel (Ch. 46), Shaw Cable (Ch. 67), Shaw Direct (Ch. 536), Source Cable (Ch.123), Rogers VIP (Ch. 284), Vidéotron illico Digital TV (Ch. 159), Ward Cable TV (Ch. 545) and Westman Communications (Ch. 68).

Available in both English and French, TELETOON Retro presents classic cartoons all day, every day. A nostalgic throwback to favourites of the past, TELETOON Retro delivers new laughs with familiar friends in six million Canadian homes. TELETOON Canada brings kids, youth and adults the best in animated entertainment with four nationwide specialty television channels, TELETOON, TÉLÉTOON, and TELETOON Retro. Founded in 1997, TELETOON Canada inc. is owned by Astral Media (50%) and Corus Entertainment


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The Yogi Bear Show

The Yogi Bear Show